Caresyntax: Healthcare‘s Fierce 15

Caresyntax Recognized as One of the Fierce Healthcare's Fierce 15 of 2024

Caresyntax - Fierce 15SAN FRANCISCO, February 16, 2024 – Caresyntax, a pioneer in surgical intelligence and automation technologies, is excited to announce its recognition as one of the Fierce Healthcare's Fierce 15 of 2024, a prestigious acknowledgment of the most innovative healthcare companies across the United States.

This honor is bestowed upon companies that are fundamentally changing the healthcare industry through groundbreaking solutions. Caresyntax has been recognized for its significant contributions to improving patient outcomes, enhancing operational efficiency, and increasing profitability for healthcare providers through data-driven surgery using artificial intelligence, automation, and operating room analytics.

Transforming Surgery with Data-Driven Innovation

Founded in July 2013 and led by CEO Dennis Kogan, Caresyntax has worked to create a new standard in surgical care. The company has successfully introduced a suite of technologies that leverage the power of data to make surgery safer and more efficient. With its latest milestone Series C fundraising completion, and significant revenue growth in 2023, Caresyntax continues to expand its impact on global healthcare.

"Our mission at Caresyntax is to empower surgical teams with the tools they need to deliver the best possible outcomes for patients," said Dennis Kogan, CEO of Caresyntax. "Being recognized as one of the Fierce 15 underscores our commitment to this mission and the hard work of our dedicated team."

A Global Network of Surgical Excellence

Caresyntax's technology is currently deployed in over 3,000 operating rooms worldwide, demonstrating a tangible impact on hospital volumes and patient outcomes. The company's efforts have led to partner hospitals achieving an 8% increase in OR case volumes and a 33% decrease in patient length of stay through its innovative approaches.

In 2024, Caresyntax aims to expand its ecosystem further, introducing more channel players among large insurers and medtechs, as collaborative partners to its global network of hospitals and ASC-based data-driven surgical Centers of Excellence. This initiative is poised to enhance network effects and scale tech-enabled programming across all parties involved.

A Commitment to the Future of Surgical Care

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, Caresyntax remains at the forefront, advocating for the establishment of Surgical Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) to manage the total value of surgical care. This visionary approach aligns surgeons, OR staff, hospitals, health insurers, and other stakeholders in a concerted effort to improve patient outcomes.

"We are just beginning to scratch the surface of what is possible in the realm of surgical care," Kogan added. "Our recognition as a Fierce 15 company is not just an honor; it is a call to action to continue pushing the boundaries of what we can achieve."

About Caresyntax

Caresyntax is the world-leading developer of surgical intelligence and automation technologies. With a focus on improving patient outcomes and operational efficiencies, Caresyntax is dedicated to transforming surgery through data-driven insights. Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, and with a presence across the U.S. and EU, Caresyntax is making surgery safer and more efficient around the globe. For more information about Caresyntax, please visit Caresyntax.com.

Caresyntax Contact:

Email: info@caresyntax.com

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